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1 A Model To Control Availability and Price of White Sugar by Considering Inter Regional Trade Flows Burhan The 2 nd Asia Pasific Conference on Manufacturing System 2009
3 Textural Properties of Flour of Several Commercial Discorea Spesies Umi Purwandari International Seminar “ Upland for Food Security, Purwokerto 7-8 November 2009
4 Study on The Making of Functional Bread Using Yam (Dioscorea sp.) Flour Umi Purwandari, Supriyanto International Seminar “ Upland for Food Security : Purwokerto 7-8 November 2009
5 Textural Properties of White Yam (Dioscorea Esculenta) Flour and Physical and Sensory Characteristic of Bread Substituted  by The Flour Umi Purwandari, Supriyanto International Conference of food Science and Technology :Chester UK 22-24 oktober 2010
6 Partisipatory Community-Based Model for Medicinal Plant Conservation in Guluk-guluk Madura Umi Purwandari, International Conference of Global Resource Conservation:Malang  6 Juni 2010
7 Textural Properties of Dioscorea Tubers Flour Its Effect on Bread Quality and Its Improvment Using Hidrocolloid Umi Purwandari, Burhan, dan Supriyanto International Food Conference : Universitas Widya Mandala Surabaya 28-29 Oktober 2011

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